We are sorry to see you go!  Before making this decision, please take a moment to review the benefits you are receiving as an Insider.

Still want to cancel your membership?  Here is how:

1) Log into your Insider account on the WCPO website:

2) You will want to use your email address and password:

3) Once signed in please select 'Manage Account' located in the 'My Insider' tab in the right hand corner of the website:

4) Click on the 'Insider Membership' tab:

5) Disable the 'Auto-Renew' toggle to cancel the membership:

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us at http://support.wcpo.com/support/tickets/new.

Important Notes:

  • All memberships are prepaid and no refunds are provided other than those covered within the cancellation grace period
  • Only the member can cancel their membership since these are personal financial transactions.  'Other parties' must be able to provide the appropriate security information to validate authority for cancellation of a membership.