When signing up for a WCPO Insider Monthly Membership where "First Month Free" terms are offered, there is no charge actually processed for the first month

The subscription process collects the subscriber's information, including payment details, and creates the appropriate records in the WCPO Insider databases.

The Member then has immediate access to all the WCPO Insider rewards, stories, etc.

The subscription will begin immediately, but the payment transaction will NOT BE POSTED until the start of the second month; at which time the normal monthly membership charge will be made to the member's credit card on file.

A payment for the second month is submitted to your credit card immediately, but with a postponed processing date (charge should be shown as "pending" on your statement). You are not actually billed for the first period, and the payment is not processed or actually charged until the second billing cycle. This process is similar to that used by hotels, rental companies, etc., when deposits are placed on a credit card.

  • Note however, that many Debit cards do not offer "postponed processing", so if membership is purchased with such a debit card, the charge may be immediately processed.