Once subscribed, there is one critical step necessary to ensure you will receive alerts as they are broadcast.  Please be sure to add the telephone number used to send alerts into your contact list.  This number is 866-479-9906.

Many new smartphones offer a notification option that allows notifications from 'Favorite Contacts' to be delivered even when a 'Do-Not-Disturb' or 'Quiet' time has been set in the system. You will need to add this number and a contact name of 'Storm Shield Phone Call Alerts' to your phone as a 'Favorite' in order to receive notifications.  

Caution: Some smartphones use a 'Privacy' or 'Quiet' Button/Slide Switch on the device for this function.  If this is set to 'Private', notifications may not be audible. 

Please Note: Alerts are only sent for the area that was specified when registering - the service does not track your current location.  To track and receive alerts for your current location, the Storm Shield App is available to purchase through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.