After installing SnowCast, you must open and configure the app to receive snow fall projections for your Current Location. When you open the app for the first time, SnowCast will walk you through this process. 

Operating System updates may have impacted your O/S settings for the app, so be sure to check the following settings if the app has been recently updated:

For iOS devices:

  • Privacy > Location Services must be "ON" or enabled.
  • Share My Location must be "ON" or enabled
  • SnowCast must be Enabled in the list of apps for Location Sharing
  • SnowCast Sharing Option should be set to Always
    • If running in the background, the app will continuously update.
    • Otherwise, when the app is opened it will display the most recently downloaded forecast, while the latest weather forecast will be downloaded - which may take a minute to update.
    • The app must have a WiFi connection to download data.