If you would like to update an existing card, or use a new credit card, you can do that by following the below steps:

  1. Login to your WCPO Insider Account.
  2. Under "My Insider" (in top right hand corner)
    1. <Click> "Manage Account" from the drop down.
  3. You should be on the "Insider Membership" tab at this point. 
  4. Over on the right hand side, you should see "Manage" with a drop-down arrow.
    1. <Click> on the drop-down menu
      1. <Click> "Update renewal payment method".
  5. When the next screen appears, select "Add a new card" (top right).
  6. Add your new credit card information
    1. <Click> "Create".
  7. You should now see a screen that lists (All) of your credit cards.
  8. Select the credit card you would like to use and <Click> "Update".
  9. You should now be on the main screen.
    1. Next to the "Membership" tab, there is a "Credit Card" tab.
      1. <Click> that tab.
  10. You will see both of your credit cards, but there should be a trash can icon next to the credit card you no longer want to use.
    1. <Click> on that Trash icon.