Our policy is to NOT send badges with push notifications. 

As much as the badges are attention getting and can lend a sense of urgency, there are currently no corresponding features in the apps that reset the badge counters

Examples where badges make sense are apps with inboxes where there is an expected connection to the badge, and the badge can be cleared.

Customers become concerned, believing there is a problem with the app, when they are unable to "clear" these badge counters that appear on the familiar app icons.

These are Badge Icons where
the counter has been incremented
and now shows a number in the
upper corner.

In Urban Airship badges are set on the "Content" screen when composing a new message:


"Increment by 1" will increment the badge number by 1. 

"Specify" allows you to specify a specific number. 

  • In order to reset a badge number:
    • The "Badge" slide-switch must be "ON".
    • You must select "Specify"
    • Set the value to zero (0).