The NOAA Hi-Def Radar app gives you the option to track the weather based on your current location. The current location avatar (or blue dot) shows your current location on the map and can be toggled on, off, or set to follow along as you travel. 

The default setting for the app is on and set to Fixed

The 'Current Location' arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the app is the toggle for this feature. Simply tap the arrow icon to switch between settings.

There are three settings:
  • Follow  ( + symbol, zoomed-in map) 
  • Fixed  ( default setting )
  • Disabled/OFF  ( no current location tracking ) 

The arrow icon will display the current setting and you can tap it again to cycle through the three settings. 

When turned on, the Follow feature will also display a widget on the map showing a Compass, Speed in MPH, and Altitude.

You can learn more about adjusting the Display Settings here.

Tapping the blue dot will give you the current conditions for your location, along with hourly and weekly forecast.