Please Note: Improvements are on the way. We will be adding the ability to refine locations by pin in the next update.

Adding a new location:

1. Tap the Bookmark icon to view the Saved Locations menu.

2. Tap the Plus icon to start searching for your desired location. You can search by address, city name, or zip code.

3. Move the map to refine the location. You will be given the option to rename the location if you wish to.

4. Tap Save, to add the location to your Saved Locations list. You can then repeat steps 2-4 to add multiple locations if needed.

You can return to the map by closing the menu via the X icon in the top right of the screen. 

Next time you launch the app, the map will zoom out to show all of your saved locations. You zoom in/out around the map to move from between locations.

*Emojis can be added using your iOS keyboard.

Removing a location:

1. Tap the bookmark icon to open the Saved Locations menu.

2. Swipe left on the location name or tap the location name to bring up the option to delete the location.

*Please Note: This will remove the location from all of your devices if you are signed in with an account.

How can I sync my locations across multiple devices?

    Click here to see how to Sync Locations.