How can I access Storm Tracking icons in NOAA Hi Def Radar?

You can turn on the Storm Tracks layer under Map Settings > Alerts > Storm Tracking. Please Note: Severe Weather and Hurricanes can still be tracked separately.

Unlike Layers, multiple Alerts can be viewed on the map at one time. Storm Tracks will display Wind, Hail, and Tornado icons with directional vectors.

What storm data will the radar show?

By default the radar will animate the last hour of data or show the most recent imagery. Tapping an icon on the radar, will provide available details about that element via an alert box. Details such as speed and direction will appear alongside NOAA Severe Weather Alerts (yellow polygons) and other app alerts.

When enabled, Future Weather will show up to 6 hours of forecasted weather on the radar. When Past is selected the last hour of conditions will animate. Please note, the icons may not appear while the radar cloud animation is playing.

No icons are appearing on the map. What should I do?

You may need to zoom in on a storm or radar clouds to see more data or icons. If Storm Tracks is enabled, large icons will appear, such as wind direction once zoomed in. You can also tap icons for more detail. Be sure to check which layer you have enabled. Not every layer supports Future Weather. If you are still having trouble, try contacting us via the Support option in the app's Settings.