The Future Weather subscription is the best way to stay ahead of the weather. The NOAA Hi Def Radar app tracks all current weather data in your area and adding Future Weather expands your ability to predict future conditions more accurately up to 6-12 hours in advance. For 99¢ a month via App Store subscription, you get access to the future radar and up to 6-12 hours of forecasted radar imagery.

What is included in the Future Weather subscription?

    Future Radar: See radar data 6 hours into the future.

    Future Temperature: A more detailed temperature map forecasting up to 12 hours in the future.

Why do I have to pay for additional radar data?


The new app provides additional radar data from a new source that requires maintenance and testing to stay accurate. You can still track weather without a subscription. While Future Radar requires an in-app subscription, most layers, radar imagery, and map alerts are included in the app at no additional charge. Only those who would like the additional radar data need to subscribe, and can cancel at any time.

I purchased Future Weather and nothing changed. How can I fix this?


 Please make sure that you have "Radar-Only" selected when viewing future weather. Not every layer has future data to display so the option may appear greyed out. 


Tap the app's blue settings icon to open the Settings menu. Scroll down to see the option to 'Restore Subscriptions'. This will verify with the App Store that your subscription is active and the activate the feature. If the Future Radar toggle does not work right away, try force-quitting the app and repeating this step before contacting Support.