I updated the app and a feature is missing. Why is that?

    Please know that the previous version of the app was due to expire and no longer met current iOS guidelines. We made the decision to completely rebuild the app from the ground up. Instead of offering it as a separate app purchase, we released it as a free update so our previous users would have the option to use the new app at no additional charge.

Some map layers from the previous app version may still be in development if the radar data being provided was no longer available or inaccurate. For example, the Lightning Strikes map layer, will be returning to the app in a future update. We will continue to update the app based on user feedback and are listening to all the feedback we receive. We are also working to improve on the existing layer options and fixing known issues.

The radar animation is paused when I return to the app.

The radar will show the most current data available. When returning to the app, the radar may be paused when returning to the app depending on the Map View/Settings selected. We will be addressing more technical issues in our next update, however you can tap the Play icon to resume the animation.

I opened the app and my locations are missing. What should I do?

    If you created an account in a previous version (before 3.1.x) you will need to create a new account before adding locations, then your new locations will start syncing going forward. If you need help bookmarking or adding Saved Locations, please see our tutorial for Adding and Removing Saved Locations. No locations, account data, or personal data were migrated to the new app for technical and privacy reasons. If you still have questions, let us know.

Can I revert back to a previous version of the app?

    Technically yes, you can restore your device to a previous state that contains the old version of the app. However, we do not recommend doing so as the old version is no longer fully functioning or being tested for accuracy.

I would like a refund for a previous purchase. How I can I go about receiving one?

    If you wish to pursue a refund, please contact Apple Support directly. Per Apple's guidelines, we are not able to issue direct refunds for App purchases, In-App purchases, or subscriptions. We do not have access to any billing information or account data. If you signed up for a new subscription and wish to cancel, this must be done using your Apple ID. You can also navigate to Manage Subscriptions using the Settings Menu inside the app.