Creating an account is not required. However it is the only way to sync your locations across multiple devices. Once you've signed in on your device, all of your previously saved locations will appear automatically on the map.

To create an account, Tap the Settings icon in the app. Select 'Create an account'.

Next, type an email address and password, or tap 'Continue with Facebook' to quickly create an account using your Facebook login. Once authorized, Facebook will return you to the app and your account will be created successfully. 


If you experience any type of error, let our support team know by emailing us directly with as much detail as possible.


I had an account before I updated the app and now my bookmarked locations are missing. What happened?

If you created an account on the older version of the app (version 2.x.x or earlier) you will need to create a new account. If you reinstalled the app, you will need to 'Sign In' with your new account via the app's settings menu.

Do I have to create an account to bookmark or Save Locations?

No. You are not required to create an account. The app will still function normally but if you choose to reinstall the app or get a new device, your locations will not be able to transfer without an account or Facebook login.

I added several locations before creating an account, can I import them?


Unfortunately you must sign in to your account before adding locations, to allow for them to sync properly. We do not currently have a way to import locations. *Please note: If you sign out of your account, previously saved locations may appear.

Is there an advantage to using Facebook Login?

Yes. Using your Facebook account as your login makes it easier to manage your account yourself. It's also one less new password you have to remember.