How can I view Tropical Storms and other severe weather on the map?

Hurricanes and other severe weather can be tracked in the app without any subscription. You can enable the Hurricane Tracks layer to see hurricane paths and tropical storm development. Tapping on a specific data point will give you all available information. Turning on the Radar + Clouds layer can show even more detail but may load slower.

NOAA Severe Weather Alerts (yellow polygons), Flood Alerts (green polygons), and other on-screen alerts can be enabled in the Layers/Map Settings tab of the app. You can tap any alert or polygon to view available information and in some cases a detailed description. You may need to zoom in further to successfully tap an affected area's alert or see layered alerts.

If you still have questions, use the Contact option in the app's settings to send us an email.

See our article on tracking storms using the premium Storm Tracks layer.