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These WSI endpoints can help us verify if a customer’s locations on their devices are registered with WSI’s Push Notification service.

WSI API: Push Registration status for specific Site Code & Device ID

Storm Shield iOS:  Site Code 66277575<USER_IOS_DEVICE_ID>&pcl=2

Where <USER_IOS_DEVICE_ID>, use the "Device Token:" value

example (Dan's iPhone7):  ed4c27e455233f37b86170af17549af1b8f23c8b8dc9e036821323062f531836

Storm Shield Android:  Site Code 88015888<USER_ANDROID_DEVICE_ID>&pcl=3

Where <USER_ANDROID_DEVICE_ID>, use the "push local id:" value

example (Courtney's Android):  5ceb723e-ebd5-4cc1-93a2-389ddec5c40b

NOAA Wx Alerts iOS:  Site Code 59825840<USER_IOS_DEVICE_ID>&pcl=2

Where <USER_IOS_DEVICE_ID>, use the "Device ID:" value

example (Dan's iPhone7):  41c75656e3e7e43398f60bd31e2464a0d26655c574fdccc1d89a55ea5013a0a7

* NOTE: These apps do NOT have push notifications yet!

NOAA Hi-Def iOS:  Site Code 51077342<USER_IOS_DEVICE_ID>&pcl=2

NOAA Hi-Def Android:  Site Code 60862253<USER_ANDROID_DEVICE_ID>&pcl=3