If you it helps when responding to users complaining about us charging for Lightning push notifications/strikes on the map, it’s because lightning data isn’t free from the US government like NWS weather data is.

6.2 Where is your lightning data page? How do I get lightning data?

We don't have a web page with lightning data. Unlike most weather data in the U.S., which is collected by the NWS and paid for by tax dollars, lightning data is privatized, meaning companies collect and distribute it for a price. You won't find it for free anywhere on the web unless the provider gives them a license to do so. Lightning data (like you may see on TV weather reports) is sold on contract by companies which gather the strike or flash points through sensors they have deployed around the country. NWS does get lightning data for internal forecast use, but because it is locked in proprietary contract, it cannot be redistributed. Commercial lightning data providers can be found using "lightning data" in a reputable Internet search engine.