NOAA Hi-Def Radar - Version 3.6 (Released Sept 2018)

• When you receive a Lightning Alert push notification (assuming you have an active paid in-app subscription for Lightning Notifications), you will now see an in-app notification for that lightning strike when the app is open as well. Previously, you would only see a notification if the app was in the background or closed. Now you’ll see the notification in any state the app might be in.

• A new Share button on the Map screen lets you share a screenshot of the map’s current weather. Helpful for showing friends and family the current radar, active weather alert polygons, and any other map layers you’ve chosen to display.

• We fixed a bug that caused some users to not have their in-app purchase features enabled immediately after purchase. When that bug occurred, the only workaround was to delete the app, wait a few minutes, re-install the app from the App Store, and then tap ‘Restore Subscriptions’ in the app. As of this v3.6 release, this bug should now be fixed.

If, after installing this version 3.6 update, you’re still not getting your in-app purchased features enabled, please submit a Support ticket from within your app, which provides us with additional diagnostic data, and we’ll look into it.

• Additional bug fixes and performance improvements are included in this release.


NOAA Hi-Def Radar IOS Version 3.5 



Be notified when lightning strikes nearby. Get a push notification whenever lightning strikes near your Saved Locations up to 10 miles away. Tap the ‘Layers’ icon in the bottom navigation menu, then tap the new ‘Alerts’ button at the top-left of the screen.


• At this time, Current Location is not supported by Lightning Notifications.

• An in-app purchase of $0.99/month is required for Lightning Notifications.

• You can still view Lightning strikes on the map without having to buy the Lightning Notifications subscription. To do so, tap the ‘Layers’ icon in the bottom navigation menu, then under the ‘Layers’ button at the top, scroll down to the ‘Severe Weather Overlays’ section where you can turn on or off the Lightning overlay on the map.


You can now long-tap on the map to get current conditions and weather forecasts for any location in the United States. You can also choose to save this location right from the long-tap results display just by tapping the ‘+’ icon. Long-tap makes it quick and easy to check a location’s weather and add a new location to your Saved Locations just by tapping the map.


A new Advanced setting lets you set the number of looping imagery frames to display for weather layers (such as radar) if you are on a slow cellular connection. Using less frames will help looping layers like radar display faster, but you won’t see as much imagery.


• Three map legends were corrected for the Temperature weather layer, Water Temp weather layer, and Snow Cover weather layer. These three legends had some misaligned numbers relative to their color bar chart. These misaligned numbers caused confusion when interpreting the map legends according to what the associated weather layer was displaying on the map.

• Additional bug fixes and performance improvements are included in this release to resolve some minor and annoying app crash issues.