When an email request comes in to Digital Support requesting that an Uplynk Account be created, please follow the below process.

Please send an email to Verizon at tickets@verizondigitalmedia.com requesting that the user accounts be created. Please note you will receive an automated email back from Verizon saying they received your ticket. They will send a second email saying they've escalated it and then you will receive a third email that should say that they created the account.  

Below is a sample email:

Once you receive an email back saying the accounts have been created, proceed with granting access to the stations Uplynk channel.

Below is the google doc that houses all the log in information for the Uplynk accounts.


You will only need to look at columns G and H.  Please do not make changes to this google doc.

Note all user names start with Uplynk followed by @ domain.  The password for all channels is video1234!  On rare occasions you will find the password does not work.  If you run into this issue, you can click on 'Forgot Password' and then see me, Fei or SK.  The email to reset it will come in to the Scripps Dev inbox that we have access to.  We will then change it back.  Sometimes someone changes it, but they should not be.

Once you have your log in information, log into Uplynk  

Below is the link to Uplynk:


Proceed with logging in.

When you log in, click on the "Settings" icon (cog wheel).  Then click on "Account Access Settings"

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see where it says "Grant Access".

The below screen will appear.  Type in the password (video1234!), then enter the users email address and click on "Add".

When the screen reloads, you will see a list of all users.  Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see the one you just added.   

Here is where you have to grant the proper access.   

Proper access is as shown below.  It is easiest to select the first singe check box so it checks everything and then go over and uncheck Billing tab.  No one should have access to that unless specifically asked.  Also we should not be granting access to the last few items "Live Event Dashboard".

The below box will come up after you click on "Save", here just click on "Confirm".

Now you can respond to whomever requested the account creation that this has been completed.