Are you having issues with video playback?  This happens when the player is unable to playback content and buffers for more than 45 seconds.



Possible causes


This error covers a multitude of issues to include:


  • Insufficient bandwidth/network speed

  • A firewall blocking the video

  • A web proxy interrupting the connection or filtering traffic

  • Filtering software (such as Sophos, or Lightspeed Web Filter blocking content)

  • A general network failure (for example, the internet connection to your home/school/personal computer fails)

  • Putting the player "to sleep" by activating another tab over the video player

  • Player specific bugs



Steps to try


Here are some steps to try to fix the problem:


  • Check that the internet is working correctly on the affected machine. You can do this by visiting another website and verifying it loads.

  • Try refreshing the page, which can restart a connection that may have dropped.

  • Try another video. Does that work? If not, it suggests that content as a whole cannot be reached.

  • Does the issue always happen at the same point in time?



Are you still having issues after these steps? We need this information to troubleshoot.


Please submit a ticket to us if you continue to experience issues.  If possible, please provide the following information so we can best troubleshoot your problem:


  • What type of device you are using and if you are using the website (what browser) or one of our apps (iOS app, Android app, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, YouTubeTV, or SiriusXM). 

  • A link to the video or title of the video that in impacted

  • When this issue started to occur

  • Detailed information exactly what your are experiencing (The video is not loading, the on the type of issue (No sound, does not play, does not load, pause and buffering, bad quality, video jumps or cuts, error message displays, etc...)

  • A brief statement explaining the steps we need to take to reproduce the issue

  • If possible, please provide screenshots or recordings of the issue.