Are you having issues with video playback?  This happens when the player is unable to playback content and buffers for more than 45 seconds.



Possible causes


This error covers a multitude of issues to include:


  • Insufficient bandwidth/network speed

  • A firewall blocking the video

  • A web proxy interrupting the connection or filtering traffic

  • Filtering software (such as Sophos, or Lightspeed Web Filter blocking content)

  • A general network failure (for example, the internet connection to your home/school/personal computer fails)

  • Putting the player "to sleep" by activating another tab over the video player

  • Player specific bugs



Steps to try


Here are some steps to try to fix the problem:


  • Check that the internet is working correctly on the affected machine. You can do this by visiting another website and verifying it loads.

  • Try refreshing the page, which can restart a connection that may have dropped.

  • Try another video. Does that work? If not, it suggests that content as a whole cannot be reached.

  • Does the issue always happen at the same point in time?



Still having issues? We need this information to troubleshoot.


The following information is essential for troubleshooting your problem:


  • URLs or video Name of the content affected

  • A rough time frame when the issue occurred/began, if not ongoing, that we can use to correlate findings/deployments/system issues/known issues

  • Clarify the type of issue (Does not play, does not load, pause and buffering, bad quality, video jumps or cuts, not sound etc...)

  • A brief statement explaining the steps followed to reproduce the issue if not immediately obvious

  • Tell us whether this is on desktop or mobile (OS platform, browsers, and versions)

  • Provide screenshots or the error message text as applicable


Submit a ticket to us if you continue to experience issues.