Schools that enroll in the 2023 Bee program receive the following benefits:


  • Exclusive online access to the teachers-only section of

  • Official pronouncer guides for use in conducting classroom and school spelling bees.

  • The Great Words, Great Works reading list with all source books, organized by reading level.

  • Supplemental vocabulary materials for classroom and school levels.

  • Customizable certificates for your participants and school champion

  • Britannica Online for Kids: A one-year subscription to Britannica Online for Kids to award to a participant in your school's spelling bee program. If your school enrolls on or before September 30, your school receives TWO one-year subscriptions to Britannica Online for Kids.

  • Study Materials: The 4,000-word Words of the Champions study guide for school champions that includes the 450-word School Spelling Bee Study List.


Note: School enrollment begins August 22, 2022, at The per-school fee is $175 per school through December 31, 2022.