iOS: Manage Saved Locations

Modified on Fri, 24 Sep 2021 at 12:36 PM

Adding and Saving Locations

Storm Shield allows you to bookmark the locations that are important to you. You can add multiple locations and swipe between them to travel across the map. Tapping on any Saved Location card will bring up a more detailed forecast and any available weather information.

 - First, Tap 'Add New Location' on the main screen. You may need to swipe through existing locations to see this button.

 - Search by Zip Code or City/State.

 - Refine Location on the map by pinching to zoom, then Tap 'Set Location' once the crosshair icon is in your desired position. 

 - Add a custom nickname if desired. (Feel free to use an Emoji icon in the name, you can always rename the location later on).


 - Tap Save.

Deleting, Renaming, or Disabling Alert for Locations

 - Tap the Settings icon > Manage Locations.

 - Swipe Left on the Location Name to display the Don't Alert Me, Rename, or Delete.

 - Tap Don't Alert Me, Rename or Delete.

Viewing Your Locations

Once a location is saved it will appear on your main screen. You can swipe through location cards to view these areas on the map. Each location card will display several important pieces of information (as seen below). You can tap on this card to see a more detailed forecast or other weather-related information.

Location Card - Icon Legend

1. Local Media Provider (if applicable)

2. Location Name / Custom Nickname

3. Forecast Temperature / Condition Icon

4. Hourly Forecast (Tap 'More' to view detail)

5. Icon indicating number and order of Saved Locations

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us using the Contact option in the app.