What is Future Weather?

Future Weather is an optional monthly subscription providing additional radar data up to 6-12 hours in advance. NOAA Severe Weather, alerts, hurricanes and more can still be tracked without a subscription. For a limited time, we are bundling Future Weather and Lightning Alerts for just $1.49/month.

What do you get for 99¢/month?

 - Future Weather Radar: See radar up to 6 hours in the future (6 hours on Wi-Fi, 2 hours on most Cellular connections)

 - Future Temperature: See forecasted temperatures up to 12 hours in the future.

 - Storm Tracks: See where storms are going to be.

 * For .50¢ more you can subscribe to Lightning Alerts.

Why do I have to pay a subscription? Shouldn't it be included for free?

A subscription is not required to receive severe weather alerts or track current weather on the map. Future Weather is great for those who wish to see forecasted radar on the timeline. This is new data and this was not available in our  app previously. Charging for this feature allows us to keep the app updated, accurate, and ad-free. We will continue to improve Future Weather and make more improvements across the entire app.

Current / Past Radar Toggle

Past Radar:
Includes radar imagery from the last hour of available radar data.

<-- 60 minutes ago -- to -- 5 minutes ago -->

Future Radar:  (requires Future Weather in-app subscription)

In addition to the past hour, an additional 6-12 hours of forecasted radar imagery.

<-- 60 minutes ago --- to --- 6 hours from now -->